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Our consultative approach to conducting business seeks to learn about your organization, identify problem areas, search for improvement and select from our service offerings to choose the right services. Our flexible solutions can be customized to suit your needs.

Staff Augmentation

IT Staffing

  • Staff Augmentation - We listen and pay attention to what makes your environment unique. When you partner with us, your needs become our top priority. We have a reputation for consistently providing the most qualified and best equipped talent to supplement your current workforce.
  • Full Time Placement - Looking for talent to make a lasting impact on your company now and for years to come? We take pride in exclusively handling all recruiting internally, and adhere to a rigorous screening and qualification process for hiring the right talent for your business. Your success is our success.

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SGA project delivery

Project Delivery

  • Application Development - Are you in need of a development team? We want to help you complete projects and achieve goals. We provide custom application development, with a range of available Subject Matter Experts focusing on Salesforce projects, Java, .Net, Python and niche tech-stacks.
  • Application Modernization - Are you spending too much time trying to keep up with legacy applications? Is the version of your code keeping your company from reaching its full potential? With our application modernization services, we can get you up to speed quickly, and eliminate your technical debt.
  • Testing Services - Are your development teams spread thin, handling multiple work-packages at once? Our Testing Services can handle a high volume of deliverables, including an off-shore model where testing occurs overnight, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and maximize your time.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

  • Application Support and Maintenance - We have been providing Application Support and Maintenance as a Managed Service for many years with some of our most publicly-recognized clients. With on-shore and off-shore capabilities, we can take care of your existing systems so that you can focus on new initiatives. Our goal is to help your environment thrive and be more efficient.
  • Legacy Systems - Is your IT team bogged down supporting older systems when they need to be focusing on new business objectives? We have proven experience supporting and maintaining our clients' legacy systems, and could do the same for you.
  • Monitoring - Incidents and errors can wreak havoc on a large enterprise, making application & system monitoring critical. With our Managed Services, issues slipping through the cracks will become a thing of the past.

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Project Assessments

Digital Transformation

  • Agile Transition - Is your organization looking to streamline process and maximize productivity through the adoption of Agile principals? We have the proven ability to act as a change-agent for your organization with our Agile certified resources.
  • Cloud/DevOps Based Projects - Are you looking to make the move to AWS or automation/monitoring in your development process? Our Cloud and DevOps expertise can initiate, and successfully complete projects, improve automation, and ultimately, time to market.
  • Big Data/Machine Learning - Whether you're looking for a consultation with one of our SME's, or you'd like to augment one of your projects, lets start with a conversation. We have been delivering projects along with our clients for many years in the area of Big Data and more recently with Machine Learning.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

  • Not all companies have the resources or desire to perform the administrative work that is vital but unrelated to their projects. Secondly, not all companies are familiar with the payroll process for their contingent workforce, and its risks. By partnering with us, you do not have to use your resources on these tasks. We have been trusted by industry leaders to manage all aspects of payroll, leaving you to invest your time and skills where they would be valued most: running operations.

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Facilities Space

Facilities Space Management

  • Space management can be just as important as staff management. We can provide you with supplementary space to house project resources during times of ramp-up and ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

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