SGA Partners with $8+ B Automaker to Implement the Digital Future

SGA’s Professional Services is a key part of transitioning business critical sites and portals of a major automaker client to their new global technology platform.

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The Client's Problem

For our client the project to implement their new global web platform is more than just a simple transition– it is a large undertaking to push forward their thought of one universal solution for web-based products, unifying the digital customer experience and addressing cultural and financial differences between individual, globally distributed markets. For example, China may have different needs than Canada in terms of content, on our client’s branded website. The new system, once delivered, will create a global platform that will allow for content-customization. SGA’s Solutions Architect & Technical Lead traveled extensively to interface with client’s management and technical team, to gain an understanding of, and plan for, the implementation of the platform. An SGA managed team is part of the initial platform customization of the first solution.

Project Assessments

The Solution

The creation of a new branded global platform, used to build sites and utilized by all of The Client's individual markets was selected as the primary solution. The solution is cloud-based, hosted on Amazon Web Services. On top of AWS, sits Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). A large part of SGA’s responsibilities consists of the ongoing development of AEM - the SGA team already has vast AEM maintenance experience and is tasked with building-out the first customization on the platform. Solutions are based on real customer feedback – product development happens quickly after idea inception, with refinements coming shortly after. Agile principals are followed, with internal training on Agile to all employees.

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The new platform will yield a variety of benefits for the client’s brand. First off, this will save money because it will reduce the amount of new development projects that are starting from scratch in various markets. Secondly, the development of this platform will undoubtedly save time for development teams, and improve the quality of the web-based marketing products globally. The platform targets today’s changing world, giving high-priority to mobile devices and tablets – the idea is that whatever device you’re on, you’ll be receiving the greatest, and a consistent, user experience.